What's the theme

We all feel the need to hide sometimes. Whether it's because of some acne, a bad haircut, or an embarrassing fall down the stairs in front of your friends, sometimes you just don't want to be seen for a while. But other times we want to hide because we're afraid to be honest about who we really are or what we really believe. When we transform in order to fit in, sometimes that means we choose to hide or minimize our faith in Jesus except when it feels safe to follow him openly. This weekend, we'll see how Jesus calls us not to hide in plain sight, but to instead be like salt and light. If we're going to follow Jesus in plain sight, we're invited to stop hiding and instead be unashamed and decide to shine.

Where are we staying?

We are always wanting to find the best venue as close to home as possible. We feel that every student should be able to go and not let a school sport or activity be the reason to not go. This is why we always want the best venue that's an hour round trip for parents and students.

This year we are staying at the beautiful Mt. Lebanon Retreat Center just outside Cedar Hill. 

Some amenities include onsite food options, a wilderness type atmosphere (perfect for retreat), tons of activities, and more!! 


What does the registration fee include?

  • Registration includes lodging, food, snacks, t-shirt, and activities such as blacklight dodgeball. NOTE: This does not cover dinner on Friday or lunch on Sunday.

When and where do I arrive on the Friday of retreat?

  • Registrations for all of our retreats begin at 6pm in the Youth Area. We ask that students arrive at this time to load the trailer, complete their registration, make final payments, collect waivers, and provide any prescription drugs needed for the weekend. 
  • The bus will leave no later than 6:30p or earlier depending on how quickly registration goes.

Will transportation be provided?

  • Yes. We will provide transportation to and from the retreat to anyone who needs it.

Does my child need to bring any money?

  • Yes. We will stop in Cedar Hill for lunch on Sunday. This meal is not included in the registration cost.

What if I need to leave early or show up late?

  • We ask that you let use know before the retreat so we can plan accordingly. If you can only stay for one night or just during the day, we can accommodate a different registration price for you.

Can my teenager drive themselves to and from the retreat?

  • Yes, but a parent or legal guardian must contact the youth minister in advance.

What do I need to bring on retreat?

  • Bedding for a twin mattress
  • Any meds you may need
  • Warm clothes
  • Toiletries
  • Towel
  • Shower shoes
  • Bible
  • Pen
  • Flashlight
  • Money for lunch on Sunday

Can me/my child bring his/her cell phone?

  • The short answer is yes. We just don't want students to be distracted by it.

What time will you arrive back at the church on Sunday?

  • We plan to be back at the church building by 1pm on Sunday.